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The amazing Rainbow Total Cleaning System

Authorised Rainbow Distributor for Sales and Service since 1986.

The amazing Rainbow Total Cleaning System. The Rainbow has been designed not only to give constant cleaning efficiency but also to deliver fresh clean air into the home while it is cleaning. Water is the answer ! Water is the filter: all the dirt and dust is trapped in the water and the home is filled with fresh clean air. Add our deodorizer or fragrance, or use the mentholaire vapouriser fluid and replace a vapouriser. You can clean everything in the home. All soft furnishings, dusting and sweeping, wash and dry hard floors, defrost the fridge and freezer; cleans pillows and mattress and if you do have rugs or carpet it will deep clean and also shampoo.

The Rainbow makes easy work of all the cleaning

All floors, lino, tiles, cork, timber, parquetry, slate, core matting, rugs & carpets also shampoos carpets and soft furnishings.

Yes Pillows & mattress Yes Deodorise the air
Yes Soft furnishings Yes Fragrance the air
Yes Security screens Yes Replace vapouriser
Yes Airconditioners & filters Yes Clean Stuffed Toys
Yes Stereo & speakers Yes Louver doors/windows
Yes Bathrooms, grouting Yes Wash & dry floors
Yes Computers, keyboards Yes Shampoo carpets
Yes Windows, walls Yes Unblock the sink

The new Power Nozzle has got On-Board LED Healights. Illuminates the path ahead, ensuring you'll never miss a spot. Circulating Active-Edge brushes clean tough-to-reach debirs along skirtingboards.

...It really works, the Rainbow always works; so I know when I have finished cleaning my home it is clean. There is no dust elimination from the filters or dust bag, and no nasty odour. All the dirt is trapped in the bowl of water and just fresh clean air back into the home....

Sharon Harris


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Rainbow Unit Powernozzle
Rainbow Unit Powernozzle